Scientific communication

We regularly publish the results of our clinical research in neuroscience and hippotherapy in international peer-reviewed scientific journals such as Frontiers in Neurology, Frontiers in Psychology, Brain Sciences.

We are regularly co-opted as Guest Editors for special issues of international peer-reviewed scientific journals:

« Brain Plasticity and Contribution of the Emotional Brain to Neural Remodelling after Injury»

Frontiers in Neurology – NeuroRehabilitation

Frontiers in Psychology – Psychology for Clinical Settings


 « At the Frontiers of Neurorehabilitation »

Brain Sciences – Clinical Neuroscience


We also regularly participate in scientific meetings, seminars and congresses in France and internationally in the field of clinical and integrative neurosciences.

Publication in “Cancers” – February 2023

Breast Cancer: How Hippotherapy Bridges the Gap between Healing and Recovery—A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial  Breast cancer is the most diagnosed women’s cancer, and has a high survival rate nowadays. Because cancer is a systemic disease characterized by a variable course, heterogeneity and unequal environmental inputs, disparities in the person’s future are the norm. Despite […]

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A review from Equiphoria on Brain Sciences – July 2022

Review After 55 Years of Neurorehabilitation, What Is the Plan? Hélène Viruega 1,2 and Manuel Gaviria 1,2,* Read the review (.pdf 711Ko) Or directly on the site of Brain Sciences: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3425/12/8/982

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A study protocol on Brain Sciences May 2022

Protocol Neurorehabilitation through Hippotherapy on Neurofunctional Sequels of Stroke: Effect on Patients’ Functional Independence, Sensorimotor/Cognitive Capacities and Quality of Life, and the Quality of Life of Their Caregivers—A Study Protocol Hélène Viruega 1,2, Carole Imbernon 3, Nicolas Chausson 3, Tony Altarcha 3, Manvel Aghasaryan 3, Djibril Soumah 3, Edwige Lescieux 3, Constance Flamand-Roze 3, Olivier […]

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Publication in Life, May 2021

Title of publication: Functional weight of somatic and cognitive networks and asymmetry of compensatory mechanisms: collaboration or divergency among hemispheres after cerebrovascular accident? More (pdf. 370KB)

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Editorial in Frontiers in neurology October 2020

Editorial on the Research Topic Brain Plasticity and Contribution of the Emotional Brain to Neural Remodelling after Injury In our current neurorehabilitation practice, we are sometimes faced with patients pushing themselves beyond their limits, an attitude that may have a substantial impact on their functional abilities. This “state of mind” is often present when relevant […]

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Publication in Brain Sciences, section “Clinical neuroscience”

Title of the publication: Short- and Mid-Term Improvement of Postural Balance after a Neurorehabilitation Program via Hippotherapy in Patients with Sensorimotor Impairment after Cerebral Palsy: A Preliminary Kinetic Approach  More (.pdf 2,7Mo)

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Temperament of the horse for assisted activities and therapies

Little research has been done to measure temperament/personality objectively in horses dedicated to adapted sport riding and assisted therapies. Personality (emotivity and tactile sensitivity) of 4 groups of horses belonging to specialized horse centers (1 in France and 3 in USA) has been measured and compared to those of a Control group from a french […]

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Journal of Neurology and Neurophysiology (JNN)

Publication of a research paper by the Department of Neuroscience Research, Equiphoria Institute in the Journal of Neurology and Neurophysiology, 18 September 2014. Read the article (in English)

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Le Journal des Psychologues, a monthly magazine for psychologists, July-August 2014 issue

A facilitator called horse, by Delphine Corbeau This article tells the story of the encounter between a man with autism spectrum disorder and Sumatra, Equiphoria’s female pony. Read the article (in French)

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