Current clinical trials

We conduct two types of clinical research protocols:

  • Protocols on cohorts without a control group, longitudinal studies, with or without randomization, difficult blind procedure
  • Protocols on cohorts with a control group, comparative efficacy studies, randomization, single blind

In all cases, we scrupulously respect the regulatory requirements guaranteeing ethics, fairness and confidentiality.

We take into account the complexity of neurological rehabilitation interventions to design suitable and effective clinical research protocols.

Indeed, this kind of approach must be implemented according to the following considerations:

  • Ethics (difficulty in suspending and/or delaying interventions or planning a “placebo procedure” in a control group)
  • Intra-group variability (heterogeneous populations with different clinical pictures and levels of disability)
  • Interdependent components and contexts (the patient follows several therapies at the same time)
  • Complete treatments involving organizational complexity and tailor-made interventions