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Grant from HHRF

Equiphoria received a grant from the American Horses & Humans Research Foundation for its research project on people with stroke. We are encouraged and very appreciative that our research is recognized internationally. This validates the work we do to raise awareness of the benefits of hippotherapy around the world through our scientific publications.

Publication in “Cancers”!

Breast Cancer: How Hippotherapy Bridges the Gap between Healing and Recovery—A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial 

Breast cancer is the most diagnosed women’s cancer, and has a high survival rate nowadays. Because cancer is a systemic disease characterized by a variable course, heterogeneity and unequal environmental inputs, disparities in the person’s future are the norm. Despite enor- mous progress in the early accurate detection of breast cancer, and its treatments becoming more effective/precise, life reconstruction is well beyond the current care path. It requires comprehensive cross-sectoral approaches between different knowledge areas, and deeper consideration of the chal- lenges the patients have to deal with. The psychological and social sciences must be integrated with the physiological sciences to build a robust patient-centered healthcare practice. We demonstrate, through this clinical trial, the therapeutic relevance of hippotherapy, a one-health approach, as a key initial stage after cancer diagnosis and treatment to foster recovery. Furthermore, hippotherapy has a strong impact on cancer treatments’ efficiency and reconstruction of the individuals’ shattered life and their ecosystem. This work reveals a layer of complexity that needs to be broadly considered. 

Read the publication: https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6694/15/4/1317

Two new scientific publications from the Equiphoria Neuroscience Laboratory!

The first concerns the protocol of the clinical trial for the care of the person who has suffered a stroke and their close caregiver. This protocol is in partnership with Boehringer Ingenheim and the Center hospitalier Sud Francilien.

Read the protocol (.pdf 751KB)

Read the post in Brain Sciences: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3425/12/5/619

The second is an exhaustive review of the scientific literature concerning neurological rehabilitation.

In 2022, neurological rehabilitation celebrates its 55th anniversary. Equiphoria provides an overview of current approaches and invites professionals to a transversal exploration to achieve the ultimate goal of rehabilitation: to support the patient for a limited period of time and help him find his place in his environment so that he can flourish there with as much autonomy as possible.

To achieve this, Equiphoria’s advocacy encourages professionals to gradually integrate the psychological and social dimensions of the patient into their medical and scientific approach. Consider the patient as a whole person and thus offer him a personalized, tailor-made protocol, which takes into account what motivates him deeply.

This is the whole philosophy of care offered by Equiphoria for 10 years.

Read the review (.pdf 711KB)

Read the review in Brain Sciences: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3425/12/8/982

Publication in Life, an international scientific journal

Equiphoria, Clinical and Integrative Neuroscience Research Department:

Equiphoria was invited to participate in the Special Issue “Brain function, dysfunction and post-injury reorganization, two decades of research” of the international scientific peer-reviewed journal Life, a subject which is one of our main research topics at the institute.

Find our article Functional weight of somatic and cognitive networks and asymmetry of compensatory mechanisms: collaboration or divergency among hemispheres after cerebrovascular accident? here

Boehringer Ingelheim and Equiphoria partnering for research

Through a One Health approach, Boehringer Ingelheim France is partnering with Equiphoria in an unique 4-year therapeutic trial to study the benefits of hippotherapy (functional rehabilitation of the patient through horse movement) in stroke patients.

The second objective of this study will be to analyze the impact of the program on the quality of life of close caregivers, integrated into this care.

The study will begin in the spring of 2021 with nearly sixty patients.

Read more here


Happy new year!

All of us at Equiphoria wish you a Happy New Year 2021!

We are ready to meet the challenges and find the means necessary to continue to serve our patients and their families with passion and commitment.

An editorial for Equiphoria!

Equiphoria, clinical and integrative neuroscience research department:

Equiphoria has been invited to direct a special issue of the international scientific journal Frontiers in Neurology Neurorehabilitation section: “Brain Plasticity and Contribution of the Emotional Brain to Neural Remodelling After Injury”, a subject which is part of our research themes at the institute.

Read the article (in English .pdf 102KB)

A new publication in Brain Sciences

Brain Sciences  is an international peer-reviewed open access journal on neuroscience published monthly online by MDPI.

The publication is:

“Inter-Day Reliability and Changes of Surface Electromyography on Two Postural Muscles Throughout 12 Weeks of Hippotherapy on Patients with Cerebral Palsy: A Pilot Study “

Our research laboratory has been working since 2013 to prove again and again the benefits of hippotherapy on the neurological rehabilitation of diseases of the development of the nervous system.

Read the article (in English .pdf 1MB)