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The horse and the human brain

Hippotherapy is a rehabilitation method. The patient is sitting on the horse’s back which stimulates him/her through its movement at a walk. Horse walking is similar to human walking. Set in motion a patient engages a process of activation of his/her nervous system no matter the degree of his/her disability.

Through the combined action of movement and simultaneous stimulation of the sensory systems, neuroplasticity generates new neural connections to:

  • Build and strengthen motor patterns, symmetry, postural balance, alignment, muscle tone and strength, endurance
  • Stimulate different sensory and sensitive modalities
  • Rehabilitate cognitive functions such as attention, memory, communication, reasoning, problem solving, judgment, …
  • Strengthen the emotional sphere
  • Reconstruct the body image, self-image, self-esteem and strengthen quality of life

Hippotherapy is thus the basis of a personalized neurological rehabilitation allowing greater autonomy for the disabled person or the person who has suffered a life accident without apparent sequelae.