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M. Guillé, parent of a child with a disability

«Immense effort—commitment—objectives—ambition—meticulousness—kind-heartedness—trust—professional

Equiphoria is all that! They will surpass themselves in their efforts for our kids, they’re totally committed, they stay the course come what may, pushed on by their desire to help them make progress, even, to hoist them up into the realm of new possibilities, with faith, all the while being rigorous and scientific, benevolent and joyful…

They work hard; they never give up; they will find a way to open doors…

Hélène and Erik: a distillation of intelligence, humanity, professionalism, passion, desire, and skills that make things happen… An impressive concept: the horses, the will to make a difference, the scientific approach, progress, trust… You mix all these ingredients, and you get something truly unique, uplifting — we have great respect for their work!

We feel blessed for the chance to entrust our child to their able care. What a blessing!

Hurray Equiphoria! Bravo! THANK YOU!»