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Does one need to be able to ride a horse for doing a hippotherapy?

No, not at all! It is not necessary to be able to ride a horse, nor is it required to have had any experience with horses to be able to do this therapy. The purpose of this therapy is not to be able to ride a horse. You will never be alone with a horse, whether you are astride the horse or alongside the horse. Equiphoria’s professional team will ensure your safety.

I am in a wheelchair; can I still come to Equiphoria?

We are authorized to receive individuals that have either completely lost the use of their legs or who experience major mobility issues. Our horses are used to wheelchairs and walkers. Besides, we are equipped to ensure a safe transfer of the individual from the wheelchair to the horse.

May I come on my own?

We recommend for someone to accompany the patients. We are geared for receiving persons coming with the patient.

Is it necessary to have more than one therapy session?

One session only will have no effect. Just like conventional therapies aimed at rehabilitation or reintegration into society or the workplace, equine-assisted therapies require repeated sessions to be effective. We provide different types of programs – all tailored to the needs of the individual, on a case-by-case basis. The duration of the program will depend on the therapeutic objectives.

I live far away; can I still join the program?

Certainly! We offer special programs to cater for individuals who travel from far. We also provide a list of lodgings nearby.

Will my social insurance provider take over parts of the costs?

Some social insurance providers may offer partial coverage. Please check with your local insurance provider to find out whether they cover the costs of this innovative non-medicated treatment.

I do not speak French; can I still join the program? Is language an issue?

Language is not a barrier for the therapy. Besides, the horse communicates non-verbally. The Equiphoria team will be happy to discuss the therapy in either French, Spanish or English