Therapeutic principles

A Neuroscience Research Laboratory

Equiphoria has set up a research laboratory in neurosciences led by Manuel Gaviria, PhD in neuroscience and physician specialized in neurological rehabilitation. The goal is to build a benchmark laboratory in the field of research in hippotherapy and neuroscience, in order to:

  • Demonstrate, through a rigorous scientific methodological approach, the impact of the Institute’s programs on the health of beneficiary patients
  • Consolidate links with the various players in Biology/Human Health through public and private research and training partnerships
  • Actively participate in the promotion and dissemination of the Equiphoria’s model in the overall care of neurological disabilities
  • Anticipate and initiate the necessary changes in the healthcare offer in order to respond to complex health issues

The clinical research work carried out at Equiphoria is regularly the subject of publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and communications at congresses and meetings.

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