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Two new scientific publications from the Equiphoria Neuroscience Laboratory!

The first concerns the protocol of the clinical trial for the care of the person who has suffered a stroke and their close caregiver. This protocol is in partnership with Boehringer Ingenheim and the Center hospitalier Sud Francilien.

Read the protocol (.pdf 751KB)

Read the post in Brain Sciences: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3425/12/5/619

The second is an exhaustive review of the scientific literature concerning neurological rehabilitation.

In 2022, neurological rehabilitation celebrates its 55th anniversary. Equiphoria provides an overview of current approaches and invites professionals to a transversal exploration to achieve the ultimate goal of rehabilitation: to support the patient for a limited period of time and help him find his place in his environment so that he can flourish there with as much autonomy as possible.

To achieve this, Equiphoria’s advocacy encourages professionals to gradually integrate the psychological and social dimensions of the patient into their medical and scientific approach. Consider the patient as a whole person and thus offer him a personalized, tailor-made protocol, which takes into account what motivates him deeply.

This is the whole philosophy of care offered by Equiphoria for 10 years.

Read the review (.pdf 711KB)

Read the review in Brain Sciences: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3425/12/8/982