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Publication in “Cancers” – February 2023

Breast Cancer: How Hippotherapy Bridges the Gap between Healing and Recovery—A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial 

Breast cancer is the most diagnosed women’s cancer, and has a high survival rate nowadays. Because cancer is a systemic disease characterized by a variable course, heterogeneity and unequal environmental inputs, disparities in the person’s future are the norm. Despite enor- mous progress in the early accurate detection of breast cancer, and its treatments becoming more effective/precise, life reconstruction is well beyond the current care path. It requires comprehensive cross-sectoral approaches between different knowledge areas, and deeper consideration of the chal- lenges the patients have to deal with. The psychological and social sciences must be integrated with the physiological sciences to build a robust patient-centered healthcare practice. We demonstrate, through this clinical trial, the therapeutic relevance of hippotherapy, a one-health approach, as a key initial stage after cancer diagnosis and treatment to foster recovery. Furthermore, hippotherapy has a strong impact on cancer treatments’ efficiency and reconstruction of the individuals’ shattered life and their ecosystem. This work reveals a layer of complexity that needs to be broadly considered. 

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This paper was one of the 12 selected papers of the journal “Cancers” in 2023.

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