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A study protocol on Brain Sciences May 2022


Neurorehabilitation through Hippotherapy on Neurofunctional Sequels of Stroke: Effect on Patients’ Functional Independence, Sensorimotor/Cognitive Capacities and Quality of Life, and the Quality of Life of Their Caregivers—A Study Protocol

Hélène Viruega 1,2, Carole Imbernon 3, Nicolas Chausson 3, Tony Altarcha 3, Manvel Aghasaryan 3,
Djibril Soumah 3, Edwige Lescieux 3, Constance Flamand-Roze 3, Olivier Simon 4, Arnaud Bedin 4, Didier Smadja 3 and Manuel Gaviria 1,2,*

This protocol is in partnership with Boehringer Ingenheim and the Center hospitalier Sud Francilien.

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